Welcome to the virtual exhibition of etchings and watercolours by Fabio Sapede, which took place between 17/12/2021 and 02/03/2022, at the Casa de Cultura de São Sebastião/SP.

Bromeliad III
66.5 X 53 cm
" ' from 25 ' "

Engraver Fabio Sapede opens exhibition Atlântica[o], in São Sebastião

The enchantment, vigour and mystery of the sea and the forest are the themes explored by Fabio Sapede in Atlântica[o], which opens on 17 December (21) at the Casa da Cultura de São Sebastião.
Founder of the engraving studio De Etser, in São José dos Campos (SP), alongside George Gutlich, Fabio Sapede has for several years been involved with the poetics of the Atlantic Forest, its mist, its humidity, landscapes intimately intertwined with the swift rhythms of the ocean that lends it its name. The result are some very original and visceral visions of this natural universe. "Plant life, established between sea and rock, is adored in watercolours and etchings. Water and stones: sweetness and strength that sublimate in bromeliads," wrote George Gutlich when presenting Atlantica[o].
Fabio selected etchings, lithographs and woodcuts, as well as watercolours, all with this soul of Atlantic dimension. One of the prints on show carries other symbols: pictures of a real journey through the landscape from the coast to Campos do Jordão, in frames that interconnect like a labyrinth, have been excavated by Fabio and George along the trunk of a fallen tree at the Xylography Museum in Campos do Jordão.
Also on display will be tools usually used in a workshop: berceau, dry point, burnisher, as well as a set of matrices. Fabio is very familiar with the routine of printmaking ateliers and can always be seen passionately manipulating the presses at De Etser. Or guiding students at the Johann Gutlich Visual Arts Studio, a facility of the Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation (FCCR), where he teaches.
In the exhibition environment, a video will show some engraving techniques in detail.

Text: José Guilherme R. Ferreira