De Etser is an Art Studio in São José dos Campos, founded in 1998 by George Gutlich and Fabio Sapede that has become one of the main Brazilian references in the art of Engraving.
This almost magical space has already witnessed very important events and activities in the art circuit and has received visits and exhibitions from great exponents of Brazilian art.

After 22 years in the Santana neighbourhood, with countless meetings and conversations about art, culture and life, with intense production, we transferred our space to our own place, inserted in a unique landscape, in Vargem Grande, very close to the place where Cassiano Ricardo was born. With this, we inaugurate a new phase, expanded, with a breathtaking landscape, where other ateliers will be implemented, such as ceramics, painting, drawing and bookbinding, as well as a Café and an area for organic production. 

In this new phase De Etser Santa Clara will host national and international residents for artistic immersion, in addition to a series of monthly activities such as exhibitions and cultural discussions.

Engraving Cabinet

The De Etser Collection has now over 200 works, including original prints by renowned artists (click on the artist's name for brief biography), such as Aldegrever, Rembrandt, Goya, Rubens, Schongauer, Dürer, Hokusai, Holgarth, Daumier, etc. and Brazilians such as Otávio Araújo, Goeldi, Grassmann, among many others. Below a small sample of this important collection.

Main events held:
  • 1998 - Inauguration event with group exhibition and concert by Zygmunt Kubala (cello) and Paulo Pedrassoli (guitar).
  • 1999 - Alex Cerveny - Engravings - Solo Exhibition.  
  • 2000 - Ruben Grilo - Xylographs - Solo Exhibition and conversation with the artist
  • 2001 - Marcio Périgo - Prints - solo exhibition
  • 2002 - José Luis Laoz photo exhibition and launch of Felix Contrera's book - I met Benny Moré 
  • 2004 - Exhibition by Claudio Caropreso
  • 2008 - Exhibition of Biblical Engravings  
  • 2003 - Sandra Mendes - "Reflexos" watercolours/acrylics
  • 2013 - Series "Dinners at the Studio" - art and cooking - an artist exhibiting and a chef interpreting:
    • March - Collective Workshop Ateliê De Etser - Fabio Sapede Kitchen
    • April - Mariana Ardito Exhibition - Fabio Sapede Kitchen
    • May - Fabio Sapede Exhibition - Mariana Ardito Kitchen 
    • June - Photos by Mário Lúcio Sapucay - Thiago Sapede Kitchen
    • August - Exhibition Sérgio Silva - Marina Ardito Kitchen
    • October - Exhibition by Claudio Caropreso - Fabio Sapede Kitchen
    • November - Exhibition and kitchen José Guilherme Ferreira
  • 2014 - Exhibition of the cabinet's historic prints as part of the SP estampa
  • 2018 - De Etser 20 years Exhibition - Collective of the artists frequenting the studio.
  • 2020 - Move to Vargem Grande neighbourhood with the new name of De Etser Santa Clara.